The Quest for Gold (round 1)

March 12, 2009 at 4:36 pm (Project, Random) (, )


There’s gotta be gold somewhere in that leprechaun forest.  Like a modern day 49er, I intend to find it.  The path that laid before me was a treacherous one.  Who knows what kind of mythical demon creatures could be living in this thick clover field.  Would my tools stay true and guide me through the darkness?

(spoiler alert: yes)


Phase 1… Complete!

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Phases of Pool Cleaning

January 27, 2009 at 4:37 pm (Project) (, , )

It takes many phases to restore a pool from a swamp into a pristine body of water.

pool-1 pool-1

I just happen to know these phases.

Phase 1: Use a Deep Bag Leaf Skimmer and scoop out all the leaves, needles, cardboard, etc… out of the bottom of the pool.  If your swamp was like mine, you should be able to fill at least half a trashcan with junk.

Phase 2: Clean out your filter basket and ensure your filtration system and pump are working.  If not, you may need to unclog the pipes.  Eesh.

Phase 3: Load up the pool with chlorine.  Also, if you have them, throw in some pool shock packs.

Phase 4: Wait for all the dirt you kicked up in phase 1 to settle back to the bottom.  Attach a hose and flex vacuum head to your filtration pipes.  Slowly and meticulously go over every inch of the pool bottom (and sides).  You’ll probably need to stop every minute or so and empty the filter basket.  This step takes the longest.  Once completed, the difference should be huge.  However, you may notice the pool somehow becoming murky.  This is dirt you sucked up getting shot back into the pool.  Seems your tank filters need to be cleaned.

Phase 5: Set your pool filter to backwash and let it run for 5-10 minutes.

Phase 6: Open up your tank and remove all your pool filters.  Hose them all off and scoop out any gunk (probably green) left in the tank.  Put the tank back together ensuring there is a tight seal.

Phase 7: (Make sure the filter is set back from backwash to normal)  Turn on the filter.  Pour in a bunch of Diatomaceous Earth right into where the pump sucks water from the top.  My filter needs ~15 scoops.

Phase 8: Repeat phase 4.  This should go by much quicker the second time around.

Phase 9: Skim the top of the pool.

Phase 10: It will take a while for the diatomaceous earth to settle on the filters.  In the meantime it will be shot back into the pool coating the bottom with a cloudy powder.  Continue sweeping towards the filter.

Phase 11: Check the pH balance of the pool and add chlorine or acid as needed.

Completing all the phases will deliver you the perfect pool.  Or something like that.

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