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February 6, 2009 at 9:19 am (Random) (, )

Ugh, I feel so limited posting from my laptop.  I guess my OC will be lacking for a couple days.  (original content, n00bs)

With that said, it’s time for a Public Service Announcement!
(I know for many of you this post is old old news.  But I think it’s important for those who don’t know.)

Do you use BitTorrent to download illegal files?  Shame on you!  You do realize anyone can record your IP for downloading the file?  The RIAA and MPAA used to attempt to sue individuals, typically targeting those who upload.  Well now they have a new plan.  Their latest scheme is to notify your ISP that your IP has been downloading illegal files.  Your ISP will then email you a warning.  Apparently, 3 warnings and you’re out.  After that, they want your ISP to drop your service.

Not as bad as getting sued, but still shitty.  And since it’s a lot easier for them to notify your ISP rather than taking someone to court, expect them to be heavily monitoring torrent downloads.

peerguardianSo what can you do about this?  Well if you insist on continuing to break the law by downloading illegal files, you might as well attempt to protect yourself.  The best free way to do this is to use Peer Guardian.

Once setup, PeerGuardian will block the IPs of any computer that is marked RIAA/MPAA/government… whatever you set.  The idea here is since you are blocking their IP they won’t be able to record yours.  I’m not saying this is total protection, but it’s definitely better than nothing.  Have this program running whenever you have a torrent client open.  One more note, when configuring the program, I suggest always allowing HTTP.

No glove, no love.  Protect yourself.

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Worst Splash Screen Ever

February 3, 2009 at 11:45 am (Random) (, )


Thanks Cyberlink. I love seeing this douche every time I load your program.

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Backup Solution

January 22, 2009 at 8:08 pm (Project) (, )

I recently posted about my falling out with Raid 1.  Well I now have a new backup system in place (in addition to raid).  My 1tb external hard drive arrived and I finally have it setup exactly as I want.  It took me awhile to find the programs to do what I had in mind, so I’ll pass my findings on to you.

Image Backup:  Acronis True Image Home 2009
This was an easy find.  It’s potentially the best image backup solution out at the moment.  I use Acronis to create an image of my c: drive to back up my system and program files.  I try to keep as little of my data in the image as possible, so I excluded folders like Pictures.  I’d rather have those backed up outside of an image.  Which brings me to my second tool.

File-and-Folder Backup: Second Copy 7
This tool is great.  It’s very simple and can create a perfect mirror without adding additional files like some of the leading mirroring software.  I setup a batchfile to run the backup when windows loads, so I don’t even need to have this program running in the background.  I’m glad I found this tool because the other solutions out left me disappointed.


Yay for data protection!

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