LA Taco Tournament

March 16, 2009 at 4:40 pm (Food) (, )

First off, thanks to Mike for finding this.
It seems there’s a taco tournament to find the best taco in LA.
Here are the 16 places that made it into the competition.


I predict it will come down to #3 Tacos Por Favor versus #7 Tito’s Tacos.
Alas, there can only be 1 winner.  Who shall it be?


  1. Kat said,

    HECK YA!!!!!!!!!!!! TPF FOR LYFEEEEEE!

  2. M said,


  3. Denise said,

    You know that song “Heaven Is A Place On Earth?”

    That song is about Tacos Por Favor.

  4. Kat said,

    Denise……..I could NOT agree with you more!

  5. Ferrari said,

    Why isn’t supermex on the list?

  6. mike said,

    Are you going to join me in the Taco Tourney? I’m currently mapping it out.

  7. Darknight said,

    no comment…… …..

  8. M said,

    Don’t forget to vote in Round 2!

  9. Seb Moses said,

    Looks like the final four are Kogi BBQ vs Yuca’s and then Tacos Por Favor vs King Taco.

    I think King Taco will win the whole thing probably.

  10. Tommy said,

    seems like they have the biggest following. i hope king taco wins over kogi bbq

  11. robot said,

    bookmarked. thanks.

  12. lilMASTR said,

    #100 taco bell vs #5 taco zone

    taco bell FTW!!!

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